Make Your Kid Socially Sensible!

Once kids start going out and start interacting with other kids, making friends. It is the right time to induce social sensitivity in your kid. Your kid is outside interacting with other kids. So it is very important that your kid knows about it. It is better if he knows about how he can busy his friends, so that he can avoid doing it. Kids as they grow become quick at adopting social norms. As well as they become better at handling their own emotions. The frequencies of hitting and screaming become less.

Make your kid socially sensible
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So here is how to make your kid a little more sensitive towards the society.

  • Sensitize your kid

Your kid has begun to show some feelings. He experiences his own pain but what happens when things come to other’s feelings? He might not feel the same way. So here your job is to induce empathy in your kid. So that he feels the pain of his friends, siblings and the people around him. This will help him connect and will help him understand others in a better manner. This is a social protocol.

  • Induce problem solving responsibility

Make sure that your kid learns about it. Teach him to be impartial. He might have to take certain decision. Or may have to find some solutions. So it is better if you teach him about it. Teach him that whenever time comes he has to listen to everyone and consider everyone’s choice. But in the end he has to find a solution that suits everyone. He might not be able to do it at first. But you should encourage this in your kid and eventually he will find it easier to do.

  • Supervise playdates

Your kid may not always need your guidance and support, but they certainly need your supervision. You should supervise your kids relationship with other kids. You should closely study how your kid behaves and deals with his friends. And what best time to do it, other than a playdate? Invite his friends over to your place, so that your kid gets an opportunity to have a nice time with his friends. And now you can see how he behaves with other kids. And you can guide him through.

  • No hitting!!!!

Teach your kid that no matter what he should never hit his fellow siblings or friends. Being a kid it might be difficult to follow this policy all the time. They may want to hit other kids, maybe because of something that happened. But it is wrong and you should teach this to him. Help him learn him and accept it. In the same place, self defense is something else. But hitting the other person in the name of self defense is wrong. Help your kid learn the difference.

So here are our tips that will help your kid be more sensitive and will help him learn about social norms and other’s feelings too. So that he can function properly. For some kids it is tough to adjust with kids and make friends. This can help them a little.

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