How To Bring Out The Learner Hidden Inside Your Kid

Some believe thay you can be either smart or not. It comes from within and is god gifted. Of course it is a gift from god and we really appreciate that. But as a matter of fact you can develop it too. Brain can be moulded. It can be transformed into something that is eager to learn. Learning is something that builds over time. And once kids find their interest, you wouldn’t have to push them around.

Here are somethings that you can follow which will help your kid to be a learner.

  • Do not set back by faliures. What happens most of the times is when you try something new, and if you face faliure, you tend to set back. This is what happens to your kid too. Learning is a new thing for them. So when they begin, they find it difficult and may experience many faliures. They tend to setback. I mean who wants to leave his comfort zone and go out and do stuff. Not everyone is that adventurous. So what you can do here to teach your kid about setbacks and faliures.

Encourage him to give it another try. He may fail, the first couple of times but if he keeps putting in consistent efforts he will succeed. You need to make him understand that. This can be a great opportunity for you as well to explain him about faliures in life. There are many to come. And if he learns about it, he will be prepared for it. What is important is, he should have your support. He might not need your support all the time, but he should be assured that he can approach you whenever necessary.

  • Incorporate play in learning. This is the method that is being adopted by many preschools these days. So you should use this too. It is a proven fact that kids learn better in a playful manner. So you should use this to your benefit. Instead of resorting to the old manners you should try something new. Try your child’s brain into learning. He will be playing, but learning at the same time. And in this way, he will develop interest on his own. He will want to learn more and more then.
  • Handle kids tantrums calmly. Kids, on the learning path are bound to face faliure. And sometimes this can be very frustrating for your kid. He begins to be all cranky and whiney. But you should handle this carefully. Be calm and help him find solutions. At this moment he wants your support and guidance. If he gets that, his confidance is restored and he will want to give another try.

So these are a few things that you can try. But the first thing that you should remember is that learning is not an easy task. He is just beginning on the path of learning. So you just need to be calm and put in consistent efforts. But don’t push him around for it. If you do that he might lose his interest. Let him put in efforts on his own. And support his decisions.

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