How To Handle Sibling Rivalry?

Sibling rivalry, a term well known. It is very obvious for kids to have small fights. There will be noise where there are empty utensils. There maybe many factors that contribute to it. But the bottom line is that they fights. There reasons may seem silly to you, but for them it is very important. And it demands immediate attention of yours.

There are many ways in which you can handle this situation. So control your anger and focus on out tips for making peace between the siblings

How tp handle sibling rivalry
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  • There are some reason as to why siblings have issues between them. Most of the isses are because of difference in age and gender. Also some are because of different positions in family. Like for example, boys find that their fathers are gentle towards their sisters. They find it unfair. Considering the age, younger siblings complain about the amount of freedom the elder sibling gets. When things come to position in the family, younger sibling gets a lot of attention, whereas the older sibling is burdened with responsibilities.
  • Do not make comparisons. Every parents knowingly or unknowingly compares his kids. Which is very wrong. First it gives out a wrong message. Once you start comparing your kids. They think that they can do that too. And they begin making equal demands. It may not be appropriate, but they are kids and they do not understand this. So you should never do that. You should never make comparisons in the very first place. If you never do it then your kid’s will not do this as well.
  • Do not react in an aggressive manner when they fight. This is a very inappropriate way of handling a situation. First thing is that you should stay calm and understand the thing that they are brothers and sisters and they are bound to fight. They are bound to have differences. And you should not deal with it in a calm and cool way. Secondly aggression makes things worse and might hurt your kid’s sentiments. They may start crying and it would become even more difficult for you to handle the situation.
  • Encourage siblings to settle their own problems. This is a very smart move and it indirectly encourages stronger bonding between siblings. Once they learn to deal with their problems and sort it out on their own. It will be easier for you. And they will come closer as brother and sister. This will help in future. They will have each others back. And such moments of interactions are needed. It gives them a healthy childhood and promising future.

So these are our tips to handle sibling rivalry. If you think, it is much easier than what it appears to be. Handle it in a smart way an your kids will have a better childhood. Do not be aggressive as it leaves a negative impact on the kids. Try to stay calm that is the first thing to do. Don’t worry everything will work out. Just stay calm.

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