How to deal with your own separation anxiety!

Your kid is now in preschool. It is a new phase of life for him. He is going out and meeting new kids, making friends. That is great right? But wait this means he will spend less time with you.

Slowly and slowly hell spend more and more time at school than at home with you. And for some mother’s it is tough to handle this separation. But it is natural. It happens because it has to happen. So it is time when you learn to deal with it. Brace yourself!

Separation anxiety
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  • A goodbye ritual is good to begun with. It helps your kid know when it is time to leave. And he can prepare himself as well. It gives him confidence. A goodbye hug is good. Or a little kiss. And only final wave. Of course he is excited to go and meet his new friends but it is your responsibility to remind him everything. So that he keeps everything in check. An important personality building block indeed.
  • Accept your feelings! Being a mom you have an inner instinct of being with your child all the time. You are obviously worried when he is out there alone. And you just don’t want him to get hurt. It’s okay. It’s a mom’s instincts. Accept it. Let it in. It only makes you stronger.
  • Manage your own feelings. You should learn to manage your own feelings privately. Because your kid might pick up that you are sad and he might start crying as well. He would not go and enjoy with his friends if he sees you with tears in your eyes. And second thing, once it has started. Once your preschooler has started going to school this will happen every day. So you need to get a hold on yourself.
  • Help your kid have a smooth adjustment and class. Most kids don’t want to leave their moms when they have to go to class. They just don’t want to leave. But you should make them. Even when he keeps crying, just be strong and hand him over to the teacher. And also make sure to let him know that he has your support. But don’t tell him that you would be waiting outside for him. This would make it difficult for him to adjust. Just tell him that you will come to pick him up when it is time.
  • Know the teacher. Being a mother it might be difficult for you to leave your kid with a stranger. So it is better if you try to know the teacher who will be dealing with your kid. Before getting your kid admitted to a preschool just make sure to meet his preschool teacher. In that way you would get enough time to know atleast something about his teacher. And that would make you feel a little bit comfortable in letting your kid go.

So these are our few tips. You can follow them and see the changes but the most important thing is to know that you can trust your kid.

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