TV an Addiction!

It is a common practice among mom’s to push their kid towards TV. You might think, what is the harm in this? TV keeps your kid busy. Keeps him entertained. And once in front of this modern wonder, they just don’t want to move. They are fixed. And gives you time to do other stuff. Keep the house clean, focus on your work or most important- catch up on some sleep. Oh! The much needed sleep.

But is it appropriate to do all the time? Is it good for your baby? How does it affect your child? How does it mould your baby’s brain? Let’s learn about it today.

TV an Addiction!
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As a modern mom practice, let’s see how this practice affects your kid.

  • TV’s are addictive. It is a well known fact. Otherwise how do you think this wonder box is able to keep your toddler fixed at a point. Now let’s see why are TV’s so addictive. In younger kids TV have to ability to mould your kids thinking. Yes, it affects the brain. Rather the brain is actually fooled by the TV. It is fascinated. Because of which the kid doesn’t move once in front of the television.
  • Eventually kids lose the ability to entertain themselves. If you keep pushing them towards television for every small thing. When you want time, you push them towards television, you have to work, you push them towards television. In this way their brain also develops in such a way that they are more attracted towards the television. And eventually lose the ability to entertain themselves. They become dependent on television, and so do you. This makes them lethargic and it only grows over time.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics says that kids below the age of 2 should not watch TV. And kids above the age of 2 should watch TV for only an hour or two on a daily basis. But reality is something different. In a survey it was revealed that kids watch over 32 hours on TV in a week, which is much higher than the recommended 10 hours of TV in a week.
  • So TV is out of option, now you must be thinking what to do to keep your kid busy, while you work. There is a better way. Engaege him in some activity. Like games and craft. These are not only fun but also good for your kid. Your kid learns a lot during this. So in a way he will keep himself busy as well as learn something fun. These are fun activities to do. It is important for brain development too.

As your kid grows expose him to television little by little. And being older there will be less tendency to get addicted. No doubt TVs are a great source pf learning too but too much at a young age might be a little too much. The personality development of your kid might be hampered. Which of course you do not want. So focus on this and you shall see the difference.

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