Breastfeeding tips for new mothers. Find yourself the best method to breastfeed your baby.

Breastfeeding is the most magical thing in the world. It is the beautiful connection between you and your baby. But people may say whatever they want, it is a hell of a job. It is not easy. Not at all. Being a mother you want to give your baby, the best nourishment, but at the same time make things easier for yourself. Don’t worry, we have for you today, breastfeeding tips that are certain to help you.
First thing you should know is breastfeeding is really tough, at one point you will just want to give up. Do you know that over 79% woman start breastfeeding but only 49% still continue after six months? Whereas it is strictly recommended to breastfeed your baby up to six months. It is important for your child’s future. So let’s begin and find out how you can make this easier for yourself.

Breastfeeding Tips
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  • A much needed help

It is better to prepare yourself for the breastfeeding journey well in advance. It’s better to prep up. So the first thing that you should do is consult experienced people. They don’t have to be experts like International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. Although it would be better. But the point is to gather information. If you have a talk with a lady who had already breastfeed you’ll get to know a lot.
It can also help if you go and visit a friend who is actually breastfeeding. Having the real picture of this in your head will be a real help. The point is to prepare yourself before the baby arrives. This will help you stay planned and do not freak out when the baby arrives. You will know what to do and how.

  • Effective latching on

Baby attach its mouth to the areola while breastfeeding. This is known as latching on. An effective latch helps your baby get enough milk without hurting your nipples.
First get comfortable. Breastfeeding might be a little tough for you in the beginning. So try to be comfortable. Let your body relax. Support it with pillows. So that it is not stressful for you.
Now, support your baby. Let it rest its head on your elbow and support its head and buttock with your forearm and hand. It is a comfortable position for your baby. And hence it would be easier for it to suckle on your nipples.
Support your breast with your free hand. So that the baby can get a hold on it properly. Remember that your baby should get a hold of you areola not just the nipple. This has a stimulating effect on the milk ducts. Which means you will be able to feed your baby effectively.
Always try to have the most comfortable scenario. If you don’t feel comfortable, remove your nipple and try again. Try until you feel comfortable.

  • Burp Your Baby

It is important to burp your baby. Let it rest its head on your shoulder or let it lay on your lap, flat, tummy down. This will help them burp. They may give out some milk along with the burp. This is normal.

So here are our tips for effective breast feeding. That is easier for your baby and also for you. Follow these and you’ll see the change. Who knows you may discover your own tips and tricks.

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