Tips For Keeping Your Kid Happy During A Diaper Change.

Hating a Diaper Change is something that is common in young ones. Unless you have an extremely rare kid who stays calm in a wet diaper, it seems a lot difficult to you. Doesn’t it? Kids more seem to be busy with whatever they are doing. That is important to them. Of course, it has to be, they are kids. They hate it when you pick them up and begin the diaper change act when they are busy playing, or having their own fun time.

But diaper change is important otherwise your kid may fall ill. So here are our tips to keep your baby calm during a diaper change session. These are just tips. Over time you may find out your own tips and tricks. After all every baby is different. So let’s begin.

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  • First slow down. I understand that it is important to get your baby out of that wet and stinky diaper but do not rush it. Never rush it. It you rush the baby feel like he is subjected to something that is unpleasant and may become cranky. To keep your baby calm it is best to slow down and stay calm and smiley.
  • Be playful with him. It is very important that you connect to him at his level. And it is a well-known fact that kids learn in a better way if things are taught to them in a playful manner. So try to be at his level. Whenever he wets his diaper. Point it out to him and let him realize that. Once he realizes that he’ll know that it is important to change into a clean diaper. He’ll get a chance to pay attention to his body. This is an important factor in building your child’s personality. And he’ll not protest against any diaper changes.
  • Play a chance and choice game with your baby. Yes, it works. Whenever it is time for him to have a diaper change, make it a point to ask him first. It will portray that you are giving him a choice. And he will feel that his decisions have some meaning to you. You may feel that he is too young to understand all this but yet kids at some level take these things in a serious manner. And it also strengthens your bond with your baby.
  • Make him have a laugh. If your baby is all giggly and squeaky he will barely notice the diaper change. So first make him laugh. Have some fun with him. For just a few minutes. It helps a lot. Then incorporate the diaper change process into a game. He will certainly not protest against it.

So these are a few tricks that you can try while giving your baby a diaper change. But no method has worked all by itself. Try to mix and match. And find the best thing that suits your baby. It will be a piece of cake for you then. It may feel a little difficult to keep you baby calm during a diaper change but it is possible. And now you know the secrets.

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