When Should Your Kid Shift From Breast Milk To Solid Food?

Transition from breast milk to solid food is an exciting time isn’t it? It is important too. Breast milk is absolutely important for your baby up to the first 6 months of your baby. But now you feel that it is time to shift to solid food. And it is time to add some more nutrients to his diet. But before you begin this transition, you must be having a load of questions. Isn’t it correct? But don’t worry we are here to provide all the answers. So let’s start.

Feeding your toddler
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  • When is the right time to shift to solid food?

Most mom have this question. They are very unsure that which is the perfect time to start incorporating solid food in the diet of their baby. But to be honest there is no defined time to start solid food. The only clear indication is given by your baby itself. There are some babies who start inclining towards solid food as early as 5 months. But at the same time there are some babies who resist solid food for as long as 9 months. So don’t panic.

  • Consult a Pediatrician

It is always good to get an expert advice. I know you may be panicking as to why your baby is running away from solid food. So it is better to ask a pediatrician. He’ll give you the correct advice.

  • Don’t think too much, just go with the flow!

Begin the solid food journey when your baby is ready. Most moms try to force solid food on their babies. They feel that their baby is falling behind on nutrition and this may affect his future. But it is nothing like that. Hold your horses. Remember that your baby is still meeting its nutritional demands from the breast milk that it is receiving. Since breast milk is a more balanced food so babies do not tend to leave it so soon. Your baby may take time. But he will eventually shift to solid food. When he feels the need of it. Do not force it on him.

  • Look out for allergies

Yes, allergies. Introduction of solid food in the diet way too soon opens the gates to potential allergies. If your baby starts taking food too soon then there is a high probability that he may develop some allergies. And along with that it may also cause some weight-management problems in future. So the best thing here to do is consult an expert.

Having solid food is important. But do not rush into it. Let your baby lead the way. And do not panic when time comes you will know. First let your baby be comfortable. A healthy baby is a happy baby. These are just some points to focus on. There is no right time and there is nothing as your baby is missing out on nutrition. Stay calm and everything will fall in place. Having an expert’s advice will be a help. They have an experience of dealing with kids and they will give you the right advice.

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