Bottle Over Breastfeeding????? Think Again.

It is popular among newer generation moms to give up breastfeeding at an early stage and resort to bottles. But you may say, it is not their mistake, breastfeeding is a tough job, don’t you think so? Well yes I agree, breastfeeding is tough. But that is the best method to give your baby a healthier lifestyle.

So let’s discuss today the pros and cons of the this treand of bottle-feeding the baby, which is quickly replacing breastfeeding method. Does bottle feeding agree to give your baby the proper nutrition that breastfeeding gives. Let’s find out in this article.

Bottle or Breastfeeding?
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Breast milk is no doubt way better than the bottle. Breast milk is a natural produce. It is rich in nutritional substances, that are necessary for a healthy growth of your baby. Not only that it also contains all these nutrients in the right quantity. With each growing phase, certain changes come in the body of your baby. And these nutrients have to meet such changes. The nice thing is that your body is programmed in such a way that it knows what kind of nutrients are needed by your baby at which stage. Call it the wonder of nature, but it happens.
Where as the bottle milk is synthetic. It ain’t natural. So it is not a proper substitute for your baby. It may fill his tummy, but it may not be able to meet the nutritional demands of your baby’s body.

  • EMOTIONAL CONNECTIONWoman who breastfeed their baby are more emotionally attached to them. This is very obvious to happen. When you breastfeed your baby to tend to come closer to the baby on an emotionally basis. An invisible connection is set up. Breastfeeding is a tough job to do. This is what makes it more special. This is what binds you to your baby.
    Bottle feeding is easy and it lacks that emotional connection. I mean anybody can do that why would the baby need you then? It is his need and it is your responsibility to provide it to him.

So now you know why is breast feeding better than bottle feeding. And if you need some assistance you should approach someone who has a prior experience of breastfeeding. Having an advice will be a great help. You are new and you do not know anything about it. It maybe tough to start at first. You may find ir difficult and you may feel lost at times. So having a help by your side is always advisable.

Your baby is really special to you. And it is important for you to provide him with the best nutrition. That is why you should opt for breast milk. It is rich in nutrition and is ideal for the baby. It helps build immunity and protect against infections. A healthy baby has a healthy future. Always try to provide him with the best that you can. And he will have a healthy and bright future. Bottling may seem easy but breastfeeding is what is necessary for the baby.

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