Dealing With TANTRUMS!

Tantrums! Being a mother you might have to face a lot of toddler tantrums. Tantrums are like the feature of being a toddler. The first thing you should know about tantrums is- Why do they happen? Kids feel helpless, that is why this happens. Yes, the feeling of helplessness is what causes them to be so moody. And causes these tantrums. Toddlers have heightened emotions. They feel attached to things very easily. And on top of that their brain are not developed to the extent that they can control their emotions. Yes, kids cannot control their emotions. This is major cause of their tantrums.

But here is a good new! Most tantrums are avoidable. You can prevent your kid from behaving in a problematic manner. In this way boy you and your baby will be happy. So here are our tips.

Dealing with kid’s tantrums
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  • Hunger And Tiredness

Most tantrums are when your kid is hungry or tired. As mentioned earlier they feel powerless. They do not understand how to deal with the situation. As a result they end up whiny. So what you can do here is to maintain a perfect timing. Observe the pattern and know when your baby feels sleepy. Or when he feels hungry. Once you know this you can put him to sleep at the right time. And feed him at the right time. This will stop him from being whiny.

  • Do Not Ignore It.

Once you know the pattern. Try to adjust your schedule around it. So that you can find enough time to do your stuff and your kid wouldn’t be bothered at all. Make sure that you never keep a hungry or tired kid waiting. Remember that he is your priority and you should consider his needs first.

  • Make Him Feel Loved

Kids tend to get cranky when they feel that something else is grabbing your attention. This makes them feel that they are not as important to you as they used to be. So make sure that you give your kid enough time. And fill his day with your love. So that he doesn’t feel lonely. Of course most of the times he is engrossed in his own play but sometimes he would feel good if he gets your love and attention.

  • Create A Safe Environment

Whenever your baby cries or is about to cry, just be next to him. If he lets you hold him then do so. And if he doesn’t then just stay there. Close to him. Let him know that he still has your love and support. Don’t let him feel that he is abandoned. If he knows that he has you, he will feel confident. And will stop crying soon.

So there are some things that you can try. But remember that not everything can be avoided. You have to deal with it. At some point or the other. But we can minimize the frequency of occurrence. You can focus on these points. And in the process you will know your kid better. And this will also increase the love and respect he has for you.

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