Stages of Parenting

Having a baby ia not easy. Neither is raising a baby. A number of challenges come your way. And you have to face it all. Find a solution, face these new challenges and problems.
But with time, these challenges take a different shape. They are thrown at you in different forms. Yes, true. Different challenges come with different stages of parenting. As your child grows, his needs change and you have to meet these changing needs of his.

Stages of parenting

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So let’s discuss about the stages of parenting today. Just like there are different stages in your child’s life, like infant, toddler, adolescent and adult, there are different stages in a parents life too.
So here are a few tips about dealing with these stages.

  • Infants and toddlers

Infants and toddlers are lovely in their own way. There cute smiles and innocent activities are just adorable. But remember there are not always the same. They too have times where they will drive you crazy.
Kids can be tough to handle. They need everything done for them. Yes, they are kids. When you begin this journey you are all pumped up and filled with energy. But what happens later? You get tired. Exhausted. And lethargic.
This is tough situation to handle. This is a situation where you need help. It ia good to call for help. Especially someone experienced who can guide you through. And once you get the nick of it. It will be a little easier. I don’t say that it will be a piece of cake. But just a little easier.

  • Adolescence

It is a really tough stage to handle. And you need to be veey careful in dealing with your kid. Adolescence is a phase which is no less than a self discovery journey.
You kid’s emotional development is going on. He might seem confused and may be mood swings quite often. His body is growing. His mind is growing. And at this stage most kids have questions.
And it is your responsibility to answer all his questions and make him feel confident about himself. It is a stage where you have to build strong personality of your kid. And having such open conversations can help.

  • Adulthood

And just like that within no time your kid is all grown up. He is about to embark on a new phase in life- adulthood. To begin with, they wouldn’t want to let you go. Neither would you want to let go. It is very obvious. But you should. You have to teach them to be independent. And teach them to take decisions independently. And once they settle in they would not keep seeking out to you all the time. But don’t be too worried about it. They still love you. It is just time that keeps them away.

So this is what happens. These are a few tips for your parenting journey. It maybe correct. It might not be. You’ll never find put until you try. Just trust your instincts and do what feela right. Of course you’ll do nothing wrong when things come to your kid.

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