Emotional Balance

Maintaining a good relationship with your child can be a real challenge. Don’t think of it to be. No, not at all. At times life throws such problems in your face that for a moment you are just stunned. You cannot think anything further.
The most important thing is to maintain an emotional balance. And this is the most difficult thing to do. It really is. First you need to build a bond of transparency between you and your child. And it is very important to sow the seeds of truth and trust in the heart of your child at an early age.

If you fail to do that, then this may take a disastrous form in future. Children are very tough to handle. You need to stay calm and approach them with love. There is a high probability that your child might be having some problems in his life but he is not able to come and share this with you. This maybe because he lacks confidence. He lacks confidence in you and in his relationship with you. Being a parent this is the worst thing that can happen to you.
It is very important to handle the matter, that are related to your child, in a loving manner. I understand that doing this all the time is very difficult. And you may get irritated a lot of time. But remember, do not snap at your kid. Most of the times kids do not disclose their problems because they fear as to how would you react.

Like for example bullying. It is a very common thing these days that haunts kids. And there is a big possibility that he might not feel comfortable sharing it with you. Remember that he is young and his mind is molten form. Anything that you say or do will have a lasting effect on his mind. Your words will form a permanent impression in his mind. One bad behaviour and it can distance your child from you forever. This maybe tough but you have to do it. You cannot risk losing your child, can you?

Another important point is to build a strong bond. Give your child the freedom and confidence to come and talk to you about anything. Make it a point to listen to your child first before reacting or taking any decision. It not only strengthens your relationship with your child. But in future, it will give him the confidence to open up to you. Make him feel that yes, he has someone in his life who is ready to listen to his problems. And give time to it in a similar manner like he wants to.
Kids are young and immature. Things are simple for them. They do not understand many things and this makes things a little tough for you. But the best thing to do here is focus on your kid, listen to him and help him find a solution. Make yourself emotional available to him and creat a balance in his life.

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