Never Be Too Busy

The relation between a child and his parents is very special. And it needs a lot of care and nurturing. Parenting is not at all easy. You always have to be cautious. And pay attention on every small detail. But over time it becomes difficult? Doesn’t it?
You have to work, you have a job, and at the same time you need to manage home as well. Yes, yes, I know there is something called MATERNITY LEAVE, but do you think is that enough?

Working mom problems

Never be too busy
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You and your baby have a special connection. It is there since the very beginning- even before he is born. And after birth it grows. This relationship demands time and nurturing, love and care. Being a working parent it might be difficult for you to balance both the things- your job and your baby. For some woman it is very difficult. And later this difficult takes the form of frustration. Sounds weird right? How can a mother be frustrated at this? But yes it happens. And it is very much common and normal. You are no machine. You need rest too.
But it can be handled. You just need to stay calm. Having a baby can be the beautiful thing, but nurturing a baby is way beyond. You need to make a plan. Yes, a plan. You need to adjust everything around your baby’s schedule. Everything. You need to arrange everything so that you can find time for yourself and your work when your baby is asleep. That is the best time. Because when your baby is awake, you need to give him time. Do not compromise in that! You should not.
You should try and approach some other people for help too. Ask your husband, your mother or your mother-in-law. Some people resort to domestic help as well. Their small help can make a big difference. But do not depend on them entirely. Yes they have their roles, they have attachment with the baby, but remember he is your baby. And you need to give him more time. Of course husband is an exception to the list. The point is to make sure that you give your baby time. And if you depend entirely on other people to take care of your baby, to help your baby, to love your baby. Then it is possible that your baby may develop a strong bond with that person too. There is nothing wrong in being a little close to someone. But what will happen when he starts giving that person preference over you? This is something that you need to avoid.
Remember that inspite of all the work and difficulty in life you should give your baby time. He is your baby and he needs you more than anyone. It can be a little difficult to begin with, but once you find a time table it becomes easier. I accept that being on a schedule all the time is difficult and may fail many times. But all you need to do is stay calm and keep trying. And remember that nobody other than you can be a mother to your baby.

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